Local events are played every Saturday, year round, with the exception to some holiday weekends and extreme weather conditions. The games are posted in the Forum section, usually by the Thursday of the week that they are being held.

Join the Forum and navigate to Local Events (Games on Saturday)

Pay attention to the dates, location and gear up time for the event. It is also a good idea to visit the event posting just before leaving for the game to ensure it wasn't canceled or moved at the last moment.


If you are planning to attend the event it is customary to reply to the event post stating that you will be in attendance so the game host has an idea of the turnout. It is not necessary to post if you are not planning to attend unless you were expected to be at the event.

Maps to the our fields are pinned to the top of the Local Events forum

Be sure to do the following before attending an event:

  • Read through the FAQ and Rules
  • Show up to the event at gear up time and be ready to play at game start. Showing up at or after game start puts a burden on everyone, especially the event host and you may not be allowed to play
  • Bring adequate eye protection, a red rag and water to the event
* Posting a local event is restricted to certain veteran members of the community and is negotiated with the other teams in advance
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Local events hosted weekly. Check out the events section for specific details

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